WJF18 - Day Two

Well, Day Two of WJF has been and gone; we can’t believe how quickly things are going this year!

While the official start date of the festival is today - Thursday 20th! - yesterday the Directors held a Free Vocal Harmony Workshop at Cabinet Rooms. In their other lives, the Directors are also The Spitfire Sisters, a Winchester based, internationally touring vocal harmony group.

Photo Credit: Anna Harding/The Spitfire Sisters

Photo Credit: Anna Harding/The Spitfire Sisters

We had a wonderful group learning a three part harmony version of T’aint What You Do, as well as one of our original songs, Afternoon Tea. While everyone had professed to not being able to sing at all at the beginning of the workshop, the songs sounded beautiful and everyone was very quick to pick up harmonies.

Thank you to Cabinet Rooms who hosted our workshop and provided our participants with a glass of wine (or two!) to make sure their vocal cords were nicely warmed up.

Upcoming Events For The Week - click on each event for tickets and more information!

Thursday 20th 

Yolanda Brown: 10 Years in Music

The Secret Underground Film Society - SOLD OUT

Sarah Bolter & Phil Doyle

Friday 21st

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Swinging From The Chandeliers

Upright Gents

Renes Bbwi

Veronique Joly Trio

Tamas Teszary Quartet

Saturday 22nd 

Ashley Henry Trio

Improvisation Workshop with Derek Nash

Vocal Workshop with Edana Minghella

Mo Woods

Charlie Watkins Duo

Lounge Lizard

J Fashole-Luke Duo

The Secret Underground Film Society

Sunday 23rd

Tuba Libres

Draw By Four

Damian Cook & Sam Dunn

Julie Lewis & Pete Maxfield

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