An Interview with J. Fashole-Luke

We thought it was time we interviewed some of our acts to find out a bit more about them in the run up to the festival! Today, we're talking to J Fashole-Luke, who is performing with his trio at The Railway Inn on Sunday 25th September. 

WJF: Where are your favourite places to go in Winchester?

JFL: One of my favourite venues in Winchester is The Railway, for its grass roots approach to programming and support of live music. It's a great space and run very well by people with good intentions for the local music scene. St James Tavern is regarded as a jazz beacon of the area, where musicians regularly socialise at jam sessions and professional relationships are built. People often underestimate how important venues and events like St James' jam session are for the musical community.

WJF: Which other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Winchester Jazz Festival?

JFL: I have a really high regard for Empirical, their dedication to the art and innovative approach to both performing and composing is a real inspiration. I remember jamming with some of them in London on the odd occasion years ago before the group started.

Claire Martin is a really talented and authentic performer and I am sure her show will be brilliant as well. I've been very impressed with her in the past.

I missed out on tickets for Simon Allen's sold out show, which is a real pity as he is an incredible talent and I have really enjoyed playing with him a few times in the past as well.

WJF: Why is performing at Winchester Jazz Festival important to you?

JFL: This is an important show for me because it is an opportunity to reveal a more personal side to my music - I am well known locally as a performer but on the whole I have been keeping quite quiet as a jazz composer so this is a great opportunity for me to share my open my mind and see what people think of what's inside!

WJF: What are you up to over the next few months? Are you working on new music?

JFL: My Hiphop band Route2Roots very recently released an original album, and we have several shows coming up in Southampton supporting KRS One, Akala and Talib Kweli. We will also be working on some new material and have a few radio appearances on the way.

During Black History Month in Southampton I will be performing solo piano set at the launch event, as well as accompanying a gospel choir which has a full concert at Above Bar Church on October 15th. I am curating a student festival at Clowns in Southampton on October 22nd so have plenty to organise booking local acts. I have also planned another jazz trio event at The Art House in Southampton on October 28th.

WJF: Who are your favourite jazz artists? What songs/albums/artists would you recommend?

JFL: Favourite jazz artists would take too long to list! But in terms of the pianistic influences that are evident in my music I would recommend the Herbie Hancock's acoustic projects, McCoy Tyner and Keith Jarrett, along with more recent artists Esbjorn Svenson Trio and Hiromi Uehara. I am also very fond of other pianists who listen to a lot of jazz but play other styles such as Stevie Wonder and Jools Holland. Bill Evans, Bud Powell and Oscar Peterson are also artists whose work I adore. I find inspiration from a lot of different styles of music but jazz is something that I find able to encompass all genres in some way.

WJF: Where can we follow what you are up to? 

JFL:  Twitter @jfasholeluke
Instagram @jayefel
YouTube J Fashole-Luke

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